All About Dental Crowns

all about dental crowns

Millions of people have had to get a dental crown to replace a missing tooth or provide strength and protection for a weakened tooth. Dental crowns near you are applied over the top of a tooth to provide it with support and protection. Our team at Nexa Dental offers four types of dental crowns in Willow Park:

  1. All ceramic or porcelain-based: our dentist near you recommends that these dental crowns be used for restoring front teeth because they can seamlessly blend in with the rest of a patients’ smile. Our dentist may need to remove more tooth enamel to attach the porcelain to your tooth; however, the new crown will be strong and highly stain-resistant.
  2. Gold alloys: are composed of gold, copper, and other metals to create a durable material that bonds to the tooth structure. Gold alloys are resistant to wear and do not cause harm to the teeth they come in contact with. This is also a highly biocompatible material and does not cause much irritation to the gum tissue.
  3. Porcelain fused to metal: this uses porcelain connected to an inner metal structure to provide strength to teeth and an aesthetically pleasing result. Porcelain fused to metal provides an excellent seal to prevent leakage and decrease the chances of recurrent tooth decay. When porcelain is fused to metal, it provides a stronger restoration than porcelain on its own. Our dentist in Willow park will have to remove a fair amount of tooth structure, but the result is a strong and durable dental restoration.
  4. Base metal alloys: these contain metals that add strength to the crown and tooth are highly resistant to corrosion. When preparing a tooth for these kinds of dental crowns near you, our dentist will only have to remove a very small amount of tooth enamel, making this procedure very simple. This material is durable and gentle on other teeth.

Computer-Aided Design and Dental Crowns

Computer-aided design or CAM is used to assist dentists in fabricating dental crowns using a three-dimensional image of your teeth and gums to create a precisely matched crown for your smile. This technology is expensive, and not all dental practices use it; however, CAM technology allows for same-day procedures to be possible when getting dental crowns.

Why Might You Need a Dental Crown?

If you have a broken, worn down, or missing tooth, then our dentist may recommend that you consider a dental crown. Additionally, if you have recently undergone a root canal, it is a good idea to get a dental crown to cover that tooth and protect it from further infection or breakage. A dental crown will protect, support, and restore the appearance of a weakened or damaged tooth, boosting your confidence and restoring your speaking and chewing capabilities.

What’s Next?

If your dentist has recommended that you consider getting a dental crown to improve your oral health, speak to them about the dental materials they are thinking of using to create your crown. Don’t be shy about asking how long the procedure will take and what you can do to make the procedure go as smoothly as possible.

If you would like to learn more about the dental crown procedure and which type of dental crown is best for you, please get in touch with our team of dedicated dental professionals at Nexa Dental. We are happy to provide you with dental crowns to restore your smile.