Should You Be Scared to Get a Root Canal?

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should you be scared to get a root canal

Has your dentist in Willow Park recently told you that you require root canal therapy near you? If that is the case, you can rest assured that you aren’t the only one. Root canal therapy is performed on millions of people annually to save teeth from extraction. While root canal treatment can seem scary, it is an important form of dentistry. In this article, our team at Nexa Dental explains how root canal treatments work to relieve your pain and why they aren’t anything to be afraid of.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Preserve Your Tooth?

When you get root canal therapy near Willow Park, your dentist will access and eliminate the infected and damaged pulp from your tooth, clean and reshape the canals, and fill and seal the tooth. Once you have recovered from the procedure, your dentist will place a dental crown over the treated tooth to provide it with structural support and protection.

Why Root Canals Aren’t Scary

With modern technology and anesthesia, your dentist near you can perform a root canal procedure quickly and painlessly. Most of the time, patients feel little to no pain during their procedure and are surprised to actually find a significant amount of relief from the pain they felt before the procedure once they have healed from root canal therapy.

Any pain you feel associated with your treatment will occur after the procedure during the healing period. It is not uncommon to experience some discomfort and tooth sensitivity for the first couple of days following your procedure. This can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain medications and will subside within a few days.

Are There Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment?

The majority of the time, the only alternative to root canal therapy is tooth extraction, which can lead to a whole other host of oral health problems. Once a tooth is extracted, it needs to be replaced. Replacing an extracted tooth is a more complicated process than a root canal, and it can be much more expensive as well. An artificial tooth is never better than a natural tooth, and it is important to make every effort to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible.

Does Root Canal Therapy Cause Tooth Discoloration?

After you undergo root canal therapy, you may notice that your tooth is slightly discolored. This is caused by internal bleeding but is generally a harmless side effect. Luckily, professional teeth whitening treatments can whiten your tooth to restore your appearance. Furthermore, a dental crown is typically placed over the treated tooth anyway so that no one will notice the discoloration.

The Bottom Line

Root canal therapy has gained a bad reputation due to myths surrounding them. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to move forward with root canal treatment without worry or fear. If you still have apprehensions about this tooth-saving treatment, our team at Nexa Dental is happy to address any questions or concerns you may have to ease your anxiety and ensure that you feel comfortable going forward. You may also speak to our dentist about options for sedation dentistry, which can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair.

If you believe that you require root canal therapy, please contact our team of dedicated dental professionals today. We are happy to provide this service to our patients.