The Invisalign Consultation : What to Expect at Your First Visit

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the invisalign consultation what to expect at your first visit

Patients looking for a convenient way to align their smile may find that Invisalign is the ideal treatment for them. Invisalign is a specific type of an orthodontic treatment that utilizes clear aligners with digital technology to adjust and enhance a patient’s smile. The treatment offers many benefits, such as being a discrete alternative to traditional braces, easy to wear and clean, and offering affordably effective results.

During a patient’s dental journey, they will need to regularly visit their dentist for checkups and cleanings and discuss habits that could aid in the enhancement their smiles. Patients interested in Invisalign will always start such a process by attending a consultation appointment. On this day, they will learn if the treatment is a good fit for their dental needs and how the technology works. Your dentist will happily work with you to find the best approach to achieve your unique dental goals.

Discussing Your Smile Goals

During this initial visit to a dentist near you, they will inform you of everything you need to know about getting Invisalign. They will ask the patient questions relating to the results they are hoping to achieve from the treatment, what specifically they would like to change, if they have experienced any pain lately, and any other questions that may help them learn more about a patient’s case.

Evaluating Your Teeth and Bite

After learning about your expectations, your dentist will examine your smile and confirm you area good candidate for the treatment. They may request x-rays of your smile as well. Our dentist in Willow Park provides treatment that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient,; so, they will discuss other options with you if necessary.

Invisalign can improve issues including:

  • A crooked smile
  • Small gaps
  • Regular overbites and underbites
  • An open bite
  • Crowded teeth

In some cases, the problems mentioned above may be too advanced for the clear aligners to improve. In this case, the dentist will recommend other options.

Exploring Your Options

If receiving Invisalign in Willow Park is not the most appropriate choice for you, your dentist will identify other possible avenues of treatment to achieve your smile goals. This will occur during your primary consultation.

At Nexa Dental, our main priority is ensuring patients are happy with our services and trust that their dentist will satisfy their needs. If you’re not a candidate for the treatment you were hoping for, they will do their utmost to find a solution that works for you.

Many patients are hoping to qualify for Invisalign because of its many benefits. Adults, in particular, prefer discrete treatments that do not require many changes to their routine. A popular substitute to this treatment is acquiring traditional braces, but these can be uncomfortable and noticeable; with that said, your dentist may also recommend clear or lingual braces. Clear braces are much more subtle than regular metal ones, while lingual braces are placed on the back of your smile, which also renders them more discrete.

On the other hand, if the patient’s dental issues are minimal, they may be better suited for cosmetic fixes such as veneers. Rest assured, your dentist will ensure they find the best option for you.

Interested in Learning More About Invisalign Near You?

Nexa Dental offers a variety of services to help enhance and improve your smile. We offer Invisalign treatment, amongst others, to help you achieve the smile you desire. Contact our friendly staff today to learn more and book your next appointment! We will be happy to join you on your dental journey.