What Do You Need to Know About Dentures?

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what do you need to know about dentures

If you have experienced the loss of some or all of your teeth, you may also be experiencing significant emotional side effects — loss of self-confidence — along with loss of essential dental function. Dentures in Willow Park offer versatile solutions for partial or complete tooth loss, whether caused by disease, illness, injury or accident.

Dental offices in Willow Park field a lot of questions from people who are curious about whether obtaining dentures near you is appropriate for them, and about the process of getting dentures. Your dentist will take the time to answer all your questions. We think you’ll find answers to the most common queries in this checklist of the denture process.

At your first visit with a dentist near you, your dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth and jaw to determine if dentures are appropriate for you and, if so, what type of dentures will help you meet your goals: full dentures; implant dentures; partial dentures; and flexible partial dentures

Choosing the appropriate type of denture depends on your age and chewing strength, the condition of your gums, and the size, colour and shape of any remaining natural teeth

Depending on the type of dentures selected, some or all remaining natural teeth may be extracted to accommodate your new dentures

Creating your dentures in Willow Park starts with using bite moulds to determine the alignment of your bite and to create a custom fit denture that will fit against your own gums while holding your replacement teeth

You and the entire team at Nexa Dental will work together to select the size, shape, and colour of the teeth that will fit into your denture. The selection process will vary depending on whether you are matching teeth to remaining natural teeth, or choosing teeth that will fit the size and shape of your lips and face to be completely natural-looking

Once your teeth have been manufactured according to your specifications, they’ll be placed into the denture base custom-manufactured for your gum(s) using the moulds taken from your bite

You’ll attend an appointment with your dentist in Willow Park where the fit of your dentures against your gums and in your mouth will be confirmed

Adapting to the presence of dentures in your mouth will take time. For a couple of days, they will feel too big and too heavy. That is normal; those sensations will pace. Your face, mouth, gums, and tongue will very soon become accustomed to the new physical presence of dentures in your mouth

As you adapt to your new dentures, you’ll notice impacts on your ability to speak and to eat. You may find that you initially speak with a lisp. This is normal. The shape of every part of your mouth is very important to how we pronounce words and chew and process our food. You’ll quickly become accustomed to the new shape of your mouth and put the initial strangeness behind you

You’ll be tempted during those early days of new dentures to keep quiet because of the oddness of speaking. Resist that temptation. Keep talking. Practice will help you to make the adjustments more quickly

As for eating, your dentist will recommend the foods to eat or to avoid eating while adjusting to your dentures and depending on what type of denture was selected for your mouth

Over the first couple of months of living with your new dentures in Willow Park, your dentist will schedule as many as four or five follow-up appointments. Keep those appointments. They’ll be occasions to ask any questions, to address any unexpected sensations or complications, and for your dentist to ensure that your dentures are fitting properly and in good condition

At these appointments, your dentist will check the condition of your dentures and give you advice about the cleaning and maintenance steps necessary to preserve the lifespan of your dentures as well as their most natural appearance.

Are you concerned about potential tooth loss, or living with the impacts of tooth loss on your appearance, confidence, and ability to eat properly and speak persuasively? Dentures in Willow Park offer solutions to all those issues for many patients. The first step to moving beyond those challenges is as simple as contacting a dentist near you and asking if dentures may be right for you.